KTSO / The History of our Chamber

Önceki Sayfa
Okunma Sayısı: 1328


Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1926. After 10 years of service,  due to some of the impossibilities in 1936 it Connected to Konya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 1949 at the initiative of merchants and industrialists was established as an independent again. Serving until 1963 at Kadirhane Street, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from this up to now it has been serving at İsmetpaşa street.

Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Indusrty has 2925 members, and it is one of the biggest chamber as the number of members. 

In 1949, the first managers were; as Chairman Ali Sandıkçı, as Members of Board Ferit Özer, Hüsnü Göncü, Ali Pınarbaşı and as Sercretary-Generel Sait Erdoğdu.

Since 2010, the President of Council is M. Gökhan ALKAN,
  the Chairman of the Board is Mustafa TOKTAY, and the Secretary-General is Behiye KIZILÖZ TUMAN.

Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s organizational goals are limited by law ; it is a legal organization that serves members within the framework of the substances listed below.


Protect  and improve professional ethics, discipline and solidarity in accordance with the public interest, ensure the improvement of commerce and industry.

Compile information and news to the relevant matters of commerce and industry. Giving information to the official authorities that they will be asked to provide it within the framework of relevant laws. Especially giving information to the members in case of applications in they all kinds of needs in fulfillment of their professions or facilitate them to be obtained. Guidance to members in electronic commerce, establish and operate the necessary infrastructure of these issues.

Make all types of investigations to trade and industry . Keep the index and statistics  of economic, commercial and industrial activities in their area. Monitoring of market prices of main products and record them.

Organize and confirm Professional
   documents. Requests to the authorities on issues of occupational activities; prosecute on behalf of their members if  the benefit of all or any part of the members of the professional with the decision of the parliament. Identify commercial and industrial customs andusages in their areas, Present and  proclaim to the approval of the Ministry.

Take professional decisions which must be observed by members .

Participate in domestic and overseas trade fairs and exhibitions. 

If necessary, identify and confirm  the maximum price tariffs for goods and services, for its members, in accordance with regulations issued by the Ministry.

Establish laboratories for the determination of the qualifications of commercial goods.
or  participate to them. Establish international laboratory in calibration, testing and measurement or participate to them.  Provide certification services, with authorization and supervision of the Ministry of National Education open related courses in fields trade, shipping and industry and contribute to the courses opened, educate students for areas within and outside the country needed; develope vocational and technical education, edit documents about professions not covered by the Vocational Education Act number.

Upon the request of concerned, arbitration on issues of commercial and industrial disputes, create boards of arbitration, Participate to exhibitions, fairs
  which is opened or will open, public stores, warehouses, museums and libraries.


Set up and manage industrial estates, industrial zones, industrial zones, technology development zones, techno parks, technology centers in areas  wich deemed appropriate by the respective Ministry.


Within the framework of the Free Zones Law No. 3218 be the founders and operators of free zones, operate warehouse operate and  establish exhibition halls, convention centers and trade centers  or  participate that are already established in areas deemed by the  competent.